Where Will We Be?

We will spend the day in the offices of Ergon Informatik AG at the address Merkurstrasse 43, close to Kreuzplatz. The Contact Page of Ergon  explains how to get there, you can also download a PDF with the information on how to get there.

By public transport:

  • Take the 11 or 15 tram / S 18 train to Kreuzplatz and walk down Zeltweg to Merkurstrasse.
  • Take the S-Bahn train to Stadelhofen (Zurich). Turn left out of the station and follow Kreuzbühlstrasse for 5–10 minutes before turning left again into Merkurstrasse.
  • Take the 31 bus to Sprecherstrasse and walk down Zeltweg to Merkurstrasse.